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Christiana Figueres and Tim Rivett-Carnac-Carnac
« on: March 05, 2020, 09:54:13 pm »
I was privileged to visit London on Tuesday evening to hear Christiana Figueres and Tim Rivett-Carnac-Carnac speak. The focus was their book - The Future We Choose - but the conversation ranged across the Paris Vlimate agreement to where we are now and how we can act to push forwards.

Some key messages:

1. The science is settled - shouldn’t need to say it, but there are still plenty of vested interests peddling denial

2. We need to work together and not let past injustice stop us working together - case in point, if Boris and his henchmen do useful things we need to support that

3. Action at 3 levels - business and investment needs to grow, individuals must act as they can and how we speak to power/government matters. We still need activism, but if we can reach sufficient critical mass (surprisingly low numbers actually) then change can happen.

It was an inspiring event and they started off with a video, below:

Afterwards they signed books and chatted. My youngest was very happy that I brought her a book back dedicated to her.

Part of me wanted this in on the road, but probably the pub is a better home.


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Not sure this is the right sequitur but I have been reading Bad Samaritan by Ha-Joon Chang. A brilliant discussion on what is clear continuing economic colonialism if even only half correct.

Why can we not all act like grownups instead of rapacious bastards??