Author Topic: Windows update = home server 2011 log in and remote access fails  (Read 373 times)

My work laptop connects through a home server 2011 connection. After turning the laptop on the home server log on popup appears and I log on. Since the last update it has alert failure warning to close then the after logging on server offline message appears.

At work when connected by ethernet and routers,  etc I can reach the server/ network by going through explorer and logging on that way. This isn't possible from home internet connection.

It's happened before but a patch appeared that sorted it. Not so this time. I've not used it away from the office cable and wifi network so not had this issue.

I've tried everything I could find to sort it out. At one point I got error code 0x80070035. Is this related?

Any solutions because I'm home working and it support is an external,  small business who might not be open.