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Regarding the often mention strain on the nhs argument, from anecdotal evidence from one of my fathers geriatric friends who had to go to A&E with a self inflicted gardening machete injury, it is very very quiet.

If we're doing anecdata then there's one broken leg and one punctured lung (and many broken ribs) amongst the parents of my daughters school (of 210 children) so far since the UK partial lockdown. Both of those (they are separate people/incidents) were on solo cycle rides, one didn't involve any other vehicle, the other was a hit and run from a speeding vehicle.

More anecdata from an A&E consultant I know is that there's no real difference in serious injuries like that coming into the A&E where she works. What's changed are the lack of injuries from alcohol fueled pub/club fights that has already been mentioned, but also the vast majority of complaints that shouldn't ever be seen in A&E have all but disappeared - many people are afraid of going near a hospital during these times.

The release of the statistics covering this period will be interesting, but just looking at the news there isn't a shortage of cyclists continuing to be killed on the roads:- gives:-

It does not surprise me that there are still deaths particularly with the number of novices with questionably maintained bikes and the number of drivers testing out their horsepower. I was saying that A&E is quiet. Partly as has been said due to bans on antisocial gathering, but also less sports injuries and as you say people are worried about going which is both good and bad. There has been a big jump in non covid mortality - people not wanting to bother the nhs with minor heart attacks etc.

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