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Dating a Radius Dino
« on: April 21, 2020, 05:01:12 pm »
I am getting a curious urge to use my Dino in the next local retrovélo ride (which will be next year, this year's having been hit by virus closures - and which I wasn't down to ride after the club decided to put our 100km on the same day). They are fairly flexible on bike details and dates (like any fixie is welcome even if it is all modern). the Dino, being old school, ought to find a place but I could do with a few production dates and details which are not too forthcoming on the net (and Radius seem to have gone bust a little while ago)

I have got as far as finding that the early Radius (Radii) machines were clones of an american design that came out in 1975. I have seen Peer Gynt introduction being about 1983 or 1985. My Dino was fitted (when bought by my deceased buddy) with Exage 40LX  transmission which I think (if original) would make it about 1990.

Can anyone get me a bit closer to  the probable truth in this? I have seen Kevin at D-Tek linked to as a source of Peer Gynt bits; would he be  a possible source of information (given that it would be just that; no input or sale forseen, just historical info)?

I might add that the ride route, while short, is most Dino unfriendly - 12% up or 12% down, not much flat, best adapted to the classic racing machines that are the norm. This is the Limousin after all!! (On the plus side, I wouldn't be in the peloton for very long!!)

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Re: Dating a Radius Dino
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I've always found Kev happy to talk and share.
He's a good bloke for the history of machines and finding odd bits and bobs.
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Re: Dating a Radius Dino
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Thanks Nobby, that's just what I was hoping to hear!