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If you need a folding bike on a budget, why don't you look at what Decathlon has on offer? Seriously, I do not think you will find anything better for the money. I survived the Paris strikes on an older Dahon folder, S survived equally well on her Decathlon folder. None of us had any mechanical issue during that time, so I cannot honestly  say that the Dahon is better than the decathlon, even though I paid more!


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I've had a tern link p24 for years.  No issues with reliability/breakages.  I do find it very sluggish compared to my 'normal' bikes...possibly not helped by power losses in the hub gear and dynamo.  I find it more comfortable than my old Birdys (hated the suspension bob) and about the same as my brompton.  Obviously a lot less comfortable and substantially slower than my old airnimal chameleons, but then the tern doesn't snap in half every six months.

Of course, I probably notice the sluggishness more than others as I don't put out that much power to start with and so any loss of power is a greater %age loss for me than others.

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I recently sold my Tern Link D8. I decided I preferred the ride of my wife's Raleigh Boardwalk Lite. I came to the conclusion the Tern was too stiff and heavy.

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This summer I bought a Tern from Ebay. Already heavily modified. Some modifactions are still planned to make it suitable for audaxes or light touring.


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Sorry, I forgot to give news.

At the end my LBS got in a second hand Brompton from somebody who was buying an e-bike. So I bought the Brompton for 700€, it didn't seem to have much mileage!!!
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