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Thanks for this! Many way out of my league, but some in the energy and sustainability field are right up my street (or rather, country lane).

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There's a whole bunch of free-to-download stuff on Project Muse at the moment, too:

Bike Lanes Are White Lanes: Bicycle Advocacy and Urban Planning
Melody L Hoffmann

Urban Flow: Bike Messengers and the City
Jeffrey L. Kidder

One Less Car: Bicycling and the Politics of Automobility
Zack Furness

Rail and the City: Shrinking Our Carbon Footprint While Reimagining Urban Space
Roxanne Warren

“The Hate that Changed”:
Cycling Romance and the Aestheticization of Women Cyclists
Eva Chen

City and Environment
Ali Christopher; Modarres Boone

Assembling Moral Mobilities: Cycling, Cities, and the Common Good
Nicholas A. Scott

From Mobility to Accessibility: Transforming Urban Transportation and Land-Use Planning
Jonathan Levine, Joe Grengs, and Louis A. Merlin

The Carbon Code: How You Can Become a Climate Change Hero
Brett Favaro

Floating on a Malayan Breeze: Travels in Malaysia and Singapore
Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh

When the Girls Came Out to Play: The Birth Of American Sportswear
Patricia Campbell Warner

Listening to a Continent Sing: Birdsong by Bicycle from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Donald Kroodsma


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Pubmed also have a range of free books (and reports)