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« on: 22 May, 2020, 07:44:21 pm »
Our investigation found that your name, email address, and travel details were accessed for the easyJet flights or easyJet holidays you booked between 17th October 2019 and 4th March 2020. Your passport and credit card details were not accessed, however information including where you were travelling from and to, your departure date, booking reference number, the booking date and the value of the booking were accessed.

We are very sorry this has happened.

Please be extra careful about phishing attacks

The flight will not take place so the least the hackers could do is offer me my money back if I provide access to my bank account.
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Re: Easyhack?
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It's always a 'sophisticated hack' when companies release details of breach.

At least your credit card details were not exposed. Some sources are suggesting magecart - but I'm not convinced as that is only activated when credit card details are typed into a form and the vast majority of accounts compromised allegedly didn't include credit card data.
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