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Taxc Neo 2T
« on: June 18, 2020, 02:11:14 pm »
Hi, I have just received my new Tacx Neo 2T and trying to run it on TDA on Windows 10. It often will not move pass Pause when I start pedaling, probably 80% of the time other times it works just right for a 65 year old looking to exercise with video views as I do not want gaming.
If I can get it to run smoothly it will be perfect for me.
It runs well on my Android phone but it is a very small screen, and if I could get a small external Bluetooth screen I probably would get one. That being the case I do know where to get a relatively small screen and really believe it should work as described on my powerful laptop. Garmin do not respond as this Corana World has allowed so many to do.
I have tried running it in Windows with phones switched off and no Bluetooth on, still no luck. I sometimes get it working and close down to come back later changing nothing to find back to square one.
Spending more time tinkering than exercising, not even breaking sweat, very frustrating.
Very little information on operating the TDA available, On purchasing it I had not realised it was now owned by Garmin and having manyGarmin devices know how unpedictable they can be at times, so wondering the outcome?

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I wonder if the problem is the Bluetooth on your computer. I had intermittent problems using my computer’s built-in Bluetooth. Sometimes it would connect and other times not. The BT on phones and tablets seems much more reliable - Apple’s at least. I sorted it out by investing in a Ant+ dongle for the computer. An extra £20 for a trainer costing more than £1000 seemed a small price to pay for reliability.
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Second thread tonight I've said this- I think I've got a spare one of those if you want to give it a try! Pm me your address and I'll pop it in the post.

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Yep, that’s most likely. Mine seems pretty well perfect with the built in Bluetooth on my intel NUC (how cool are they!) but was flaky on my laptop without a dongle and usb extension.

Reminds me, I meant to send that to someone on here ages ago - let me know if you still need it, sorry.

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NUC? Colour me jealous. I really want a Ghost Canyon  but am waiting until the 30xx Nvidias come out.