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« on: July 02, 2020, 04:38:44 pm »
While dismantling my decade-old Brompton for powder coating, I found that several of the components were quite corroded. While it is fairly easy and cheap to replace like-for-like, it annoys me that so many Brompton bits start looking daggy within a couple of years. SJS and eBay list quite a few aftermarket manufacturers with aluminium, carbon fibre and/or titanium CNCed bits for almost every component but usually at silly prices. The corrosion resistance and lower price of stainless steel is more my style than carbon fibre or titanium. is a Taiwanese company with an amazing range of kit including 3 speed derailleur kits with a 10t top cog for non-hub gear Bromptons. They also manufacture a frame hinge tool that looks more impressive than the official Brompton tool.

What caught my eye was a stainless lower stop disc and a lightweight front hub that can cope with radial spoking.

My order arrived quickly and at a sensible price. Would use again, unlike some other aftermarket suppliers.
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Ooh I like the look of that three speed kit.