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Birthday bike present ideas
« on: July 06, 2020, 08:52:13 pm »
My Aunt is lucky enough to cycle to work everyday. Probably done monster miles over the years. It's approaching her 60th and instead of buying her something ornamental which she just won't appreciate or use I'd like to get her something cycle related. I was going to buy her a dynamo wheel and lights for her new bike but due to CV she hasn't got it yet so don't know about wheel size.

Any suggestions for a practical but cool present. Budget is probably up to about 100 quid tops if I combine with other family members. She has no interest in sports cycling its transport for her.


Re: Birthday bike present ideas
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If she is your aunt my guess is that you are nowhere near 60, so let me play the age card as I am now in my 60s. By the time you get to this age you either have everything you need or you tend to know what you would buy should you need something. So, my suggestion is to be tactful and tactical - tell her that you have a birthday present in mind to buy her and ask her whether she would prefer it to be a surprise or whether she would prefer to know in advance so that she can advise you of a suitable item, brand, size or colour or whatever requirements she is particular about before you buy something that is not what she needs or wants.

Re: Birthday bike present ideas
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I agree with roadrunner


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Re: Birthday bike present ideas
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As someone now in the second half of my 60s and with pretty much everything i want, and if I find I want something I haven't got, I have the wealth to just go out and buy it, I too concur with RR.

Of course, by no mean everyone in their 60s is as fortunate as I am, and every woman in her early 60s has been robbed of a large amount of money by the government as a result of their pensions cheat. I would still consult.
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Re: Birthday bike present ideas
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They certainly aren't affluent having chosen careers that care for people but I'll try and tap her up as to what she might like

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How about decent rechargable battery lights instead of the dynamo option?


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Re: Birthday bike present ideas
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There are certain cycling accessories that have made my life much easier but I didn't appreciate them til I tried them (so wouldn't have thought to ask for them). Here are a few examples off the top of my head.
  • A well-made and very bright bike light has made cycling at night truly pleasurable for me. The metal-bodied lamps by Hope are nicely made things.
  • A bike bell with a deep tone has transformed my experience of cycling on towpaths. Pedestrians respond better because the bell sounds friendly.
  • I've been amazed at the difference between good tyres and entry level ones.
  • Brooks do cycle luggage. I have one of their roll top panniers and it's a pleasure to use and looks great. They do other luggage too.
  • A rack pack is a very convenient thing.
  • A 'double decker' rear rack has meant I can remove panniers from the lower rails while leaving the rack pack in place on the upper rails. The Tortec Expendition is an example.
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Re: Birthday bike present ideas
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Lion bells can be engraved to personalise them. Could be a good present, and they do sound wonderful.

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Ooooo I think that bell may have rung the right chord.