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Beware on Birmingham canals
« on: July 08, 2020, 04:44:06 pm »
Just noticed this -

I have been using the canals to get across the City a few times recently but have not experienced any problems so far.  I was however approached by a couple of yoofs about two years ago who suddenly stopped me and took an interest in my bike.  One of them suddenly decided to go for a swim in the canal (in mid-winter)!!! and the other just ran off.


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Re: Beware on Birmingham canals
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Yes, there was a spate of it a few weeks ago, with teenagers pushing female (and only female) cyclists into the Worcester & Birmingham canal by The Vale.   >:(

I've been avoiding the towpaths since the start of the lockdown, on the basis that since I'm happy enough riding on the road, it's one less person getting in the way of those trying to maintain social distancing on a narrow path.
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Re: Beware on Birmingham canals
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I bet the buggers don't even strip the bearings down before re-selling the bikes.
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