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Re: damp-proof treatment for exterior single brick
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West-facing wall, completely under shadow of large tree.

I can't see a picture of the wall in question, however the other house walls look to be single-brick to me. No headers visible.

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It's possible the wall is double skin still because pre-ww1 many builders tied the skins with steel ties instead of a brick. Probably cheaper.

The snag is that the ties corrode and the wall can and often does delaminate. It's a bad sign if the outer wall is not perfectly straight and level. The problem can be fixed but obviously it may involve taking down brickwork putting in new ties and replacing the removed bricks.

 Lots of Edwardian houses round Manchester were built like that and have been repaired. It wasn't unknown for gable ends to collapse in the worst maintained areas.
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Re: damp-proof treatment for exterior single brick
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If the wall in question, is the one facing the park (tree'd area, and its toward the front of the house) then its possible that damp is penetrating thro  the corner, as moistire will be sucked up the large 'garden wall' at the front by capillary action, and as it is abutting the dwelling up to a height of maybe 6ft, that will transmit damp through, well above any DPM in the house.  End of terraced houses are the worst, the gables cause trouble, folks throw stuff over the wall, and its facing the wetest windiest side. Also you will have 3 exposed wall, instead of 2so house will be a lot colder, and west is the worst way to face a wall.