Author Topic: It is now possible to enter events after 1st October! Or is it.?  (Read 924 times)

AUK Event Entry Confusion:
Just a note of warning.

It is now possible to enter most AUK calendar events after 1st October but this is in fact wrong.  Events are suspended and AUK have not decided to reopen events after that date. It appears that the suspension expires at the end of September but there is no decision to restart. 

Confused?  So are most people and organisers are receiving entry fees for events that may not take place.

If AUK can find a complicated way of approaching an issue then it will. 

So the general gist, wait until an actual commitment is made to reopen before parting with your money.

For my events I have received some entry fees but have immediately contacted the entrants asking whether they wish to remain on the list, just in case, or receive an immediate full refund.  I have now fiddled with my organiser's page to stop entries.  Organisers can also ask their regional delegate to suspend after 1st October.

Re: It is now possible to enter events after 1st October! Or is it.?
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A week later and the entry system is now closed.

For any entrants and organisers that have been inconvenienced, please do so directly via the AUK complaints process.