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The Petworth 200 Perm
« on: September 12, 2020, 02:05:00 pm »
In the absence of the normal Petworth Start and End of SummerTime 200 calendar events there is now a permanent edition of these rides on the Audax site at

Brevetcards are on order, and awaiting the "Enter Online by GPX" button to be added but the event is open for entry.

For those who have ridden the calendar events please note the following changes in order to cater for controls:
  • The Sainsbury in Liphook that was passed into the village centre is now used.
  • The route into Chichester is changed and is hopefully a more direct route to the Sainsbury control. I may change the Calendar event to use this approach since found to be much nicer when I route checked.
  • I've routed you to the Tesco Express in Shoreham by Sea, but there is a Budgen's on the A259 if you follow the service road around Shoreham Airport to it main entrance.
  • I've suggested the Petrol Station in Cranleigh, but there are many alternatives.