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Zwift Pace Partners
« on: October 09, 2020, 05:52:16 pm »
These are bots that are supposed to ride fairly steadily within their limits.

There are currently four Pace Partners, but only two have been active at a time. Generally we’ve seen them rotate by gender, with Diesel Dan and Bowie Brevet riding one day, then CoCo Cadence and Amelia Anquetil the next. Here’s more info on each bot:

Yellow avatar
Weighs 82kg
Rides between 82-197w (1-2.4 w/kg)

Blue avatar
Weighs 65kg
Rides between 163-202w (2.5-3.1 w/kg)

Green avatar
Weighs 82kg
Rides between 263-320w (3.29-3.9 w/kg)

Red avatar
Weighs 65kg
Rides 260w+ (4+ w/kg)

I thought I'd have a go and chose Coco Cadence's group thinking it would be about right for me.  As it turned out I found it very testing on flat route with quite a large group.  I managed half an hour, and averaged 2.78w/kg.  However much I stayed in the peloton, it didn't seem to make it easier though.  Our average speed was 40.1km/h so I guess the peloton did help quite a bit really.  It's a good way to stretch your limits! 
Sic transit and all that..

Re: Zwift Pace Partners
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I did 90mins with Coco a couple of weeks back. I averaged 2.5W/kg. It felt quite easy in the group , so towards the end I went off the front - despite working much harder, I only pulled out a handful of seconds on the group.

I had another go the other day, but I guess she was having WiFi problems as she kept dropping out. This wouldn’t have been a problem if she hadn’t rejoined at the spot she left, by which time the group was a fair way down the road. Judging by the chat, this is common.

So far I give them 7/10. Good concept, I think, but they need to work on reliability.