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Child trailer advice please
« on: October 18, 2020, 03:57:24 am »
We are looking for a child trailer for our daughters commute, 3 yo and 3 miles. Reliability, ease of use and saftey are highly sought. Price point is to obtain these features without excess. (law of diminishing returns).

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The two main makes are Burley and Chariot/Thule.
we've had both, first a burley, now a chariot, both second hand. I prefer the Chariot. Less noticeable when cycling and seems a bit more comfortable inside. Its also newer.
Resale values are pretty good so owning it for 3-4 years won't cost much.

Daughter (3yo) prefers the bike seat so we rarely actually use the trailer, only for nursery trips when raining or very cold.

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Thanks advice appreciated.


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Re: Child trailer advice please
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In terms of ease of use,  I find it's the logistics around the house that is a big factor.  I've an old burley d'lite that's pretty wide (using with two sprogs) and makes getting it in and out the front door a right pain, but at the same time the alternative is a sloppy dark back lane access to a garage and simply getting in and out the garage door when there's nowhere to lean up is a ball ache.

If I were buying for one child, I think I'd go thule/chariot but would want to see if they easily fold flat and are easy to carry when folded as burley a pain. They just look sooooo slick/plush.

Also worth considering is storage space,  whilst not a key consideration day to day,  we got ours with touring in mind and burley wins all for space, loads of stash room. Would be good for cargo if the seats were ripped out.

I'd echo above comment re. Bike seat always being the preference but if you're doing 5 days a week then the winter throws up enough wet and cold to still get lots of use (warmer in trailer without wind chill and no dicking around with helmets or waterproofs either).

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Re: Child trailer advice please
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I don't recall the Chariot / Thule being easier to set up than the Burley (we also had a 2-seater d'lite) - although I've only done it once when I got it - I keep it set up in the garage. 

I don't think it is really hard and would be worth it for a 3 mile trip.  Our nursery journey is only 1km so I wouldn't rebuild it for that, would probably just walk with push chair rain cover.

Burley had more storage space than Thule.  It was a 2-seater and our Thule is 1, but I think the design would mean that like-for-like would be bigger.

The Thule ones do look much better! 

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As expected from YACF members a lot of informed impartial advice. I have sent my daughter the thread URL so she can have a read through herself.
The tractor (cycle) has, IIRC a kickstand on the lh rear dropout. I guess hitches are also lh to avoid gear mechs so there may be some conflict.

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The hitches for both go on the QR skewer.  Unless the stand extends behind the dropout, I expect it would be ok.
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