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Unusual bottom bracket arrangement
« on: November 07, 2020, 05:37:22 pm »
We came across some young lads on their BMX style bikes today and one of them had a problem.  The right hand crank had fallen off and I, being a good samaritan, offered help.  Unfortunately it was a style of BB that I have never seen and had no idea how it went together.

The crank was supposed to be fitted to a splined axle, maybe 8 lobes, and fixed in place with a pinch bolt.  There were various 'things' between the crank and BB shell which they said were the bearings and certainly the axle was floppy in the shell.  They could not get the crank back on the axle, I suspect because it was damaged when it worked loose.  I suggested finding a lump of wood to use as a hammer to drive it into place.

It was only after I realised that the chain was on the left hand side.  It may have been a trials bike rather than BMX.

Any ideas what it was?


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Re: Unusual bottom bracket arrangement
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Several freestyle BMX bikes use LH drive because many folk find it easier to ‘grind’ rightside.
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