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Re: Light testing - the results
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There was also some mutterings about a rear light test starting around here, but that's gone a bit quiet now.
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Re: Light testing - the results
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I've got the test rig ready, just need place and time for a test run with light meter and camera tripod, followed by the actual test of all the lights. No doubt I need to fiddle with the test rig once we've tried to actually measure, photograph and compare lights, so just a little test to start with.
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Re: Light testing - the results
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Right, so I have ordered a new bike and need to decide how I am going run lights.
note this bike is intended for fast day rides and FNRttCs.

Option 1) fit 25 mm tyre to existing SON wheel and swap back and forward between bikes. Fit Cyo to new bike. have loose cables when non dyno wheel is fitted, i.e. SON wheel is in the commuter.

Option 2) fit battery lights for the days when I expect to be riding into the dark.

Are we considering updating these tests for the current generation of lights?
What are the current range of battery lights like?

Would you normally have a 25 mm tyre on your commuter?

I'd be included to leave the SON on the commuter most of the time and just use something like Hope 1 on your new bike (what you getting) for the occasions when you might get caught out late on it.

If you don't mind the hassle, then once a month swap the SON to use on the new bike on a FNRttC.

And/or do what I've started doing, and have a Cyo and 2 x Hope's for the FNRttC. 

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