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3am feasts.  Brings back memories.  Sitting on the concrete slab of a disused petrol station south of Horncastle on the way to York for the AUK reunion and knowing that the shortbread fingers in my rackpack were, indeed, the most beautiful thing in the known world.
Fabulous. Right now I'm thinking of the absolutely wonderful sandwich on the north coast of Norfolk just before the Co-op closed, and the instruction to turn left on to a main road. Which I did. The next control was Barton Mills. *Almost five hours later* I rolled into the garage at Barton Mills where a lovely young lady was rather bemused by a dozen cyclists asleep on the floor. I joined them for 20 minutes. Then set off for the final control.
That ride was one of those that got me into PBP. Happy days. Right now I'd give my eye teeth to do that again.

Tadcaster service station, a 24hr jewel in the crown.
Flat earth Bob microwaving wet gloves at a service station in Thirsk.
The all night disco at Lockerbie Truck Stop...

I'm feeling bereft.
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