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  • Thames Tickler 100 & Air Mail 200: 10 April, 2021

Author Topic: Great Western Randonnées events 2021  (Read 693 times)

Great Western Randonnées events 2021
« on: 13 March, 2021, 10:33:13 am »
Great Western Randonnées events are returning with a cautious approach. The calendar will be as follows below; some are still in the pipeline but all are intended if restrictions allow. I also have a few more I'm considering to those listed.

I'll be opening entries for most of them after the proceeding event's so any changes in the Covid situation can be anticipated thus minimising the rigmarole of organising rescheduling or refunds.

Full calendar here including currently intended right into next year. Final event particulars still to be confirmed. If you want the live stream then you can subscribe to the calendar using


Air Mail 200 -
Thames Tickler 100 -
Sat 10th April

Summit 'bout Titterstone Clee 300 -
Sat 8th May

Plains, Trains & no more Automobiles 200 -
Sat 12th June

Sunseekers & Moonrakers 300 -
Sat 10th July
***Not the Moonrakers & Sunseekers route!

Bristol Glasgow Bristol 1600 -
TBC - Late August ending on or after BH weekend.
Pure X rated Big Gert Brevet!

Chalke & hAAArd Cheese 200 -
hAAArd Cheese 100 -
Sat 11th Sept

Moonrakers & Sunseekers 300 -
Fri 19th Nov
Everyone that signed up previously will be given the option to confirm their entry before official entries open, or likely goes straight to a waiting list.

George's Delightful Abbeys & Roads 200 -
George's Delightful Roads 160 -
Minor & Roads 100 -
Sat 11th Dec

Double Creamed Full Fat Festives 1000 -
Full Fat Festive 500 Pint 1 -
Mon 27th Dec
Full Fat Festive 500 Pint 2 (The Original) -
Wed 29th Dec

Happy New Year!  ;)