Author Topic: The Cambridge Pork Pie 200 + Spring Dash 100 — Sat 5 June 2021  (Read 309 times)


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Yep, we're back on, just three months later than usual.  Which means it will be warm and dry, instead of cold and blizzard-like!

The Cambridge Pork Pie 200, for those who don't know, is a 100km ramble to Melton Mowbray, humble home of the hand-drawn pork pie.  And back again.  It's a lovely route that starts flat, gets hilly, then hillier, and finally smooths out for a chase against the clock back to Girton, Cambridge.

We're also running the 100km Spring Dash, which is two pubs down (although one is still optional) and just two info controls.  Great for a first audax, or ECEing to 200km for those who aren't quite up to 300 on the day.

I rode the Pork Pie route check yesterday (Sunday) and the route is as lovely as ever.  In fact this year it's lovelier, because you have to take the Ridlington hill on the way to Mowbray as well as on the way back, due to bridge works on the A6003 completely closing that road (a 1000-tonne-capacity crane will be lifting a new bridge span into place — and you wouldn't want THAT to fall on yer head, not even with a helmet on!).  Unfortunately Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe was closed, because Sunday  ::-)
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