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Re: Weird/funny dreams you've had
« Reply #675 on: October 01, 2019, 08:09:17 am »
The Inlaw Maw was cleaning out the parrot's cage (which goes to show that dreams are absurd, she never cleaned out a parrot's cage in her puff. The parrot was "hers" but cleaning it out was the Inlaw Paw's job).  The parrot had a go at her hand, so she grabbed it by a wing and threw it on the floor, saying "don't you peck me, you devil".  Parrot squawked and died.

Combination of true memories of the Maw and Peach from Lonesome Dove - something like that.
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Re: Weird/funny dreams you've had
« Reply #676 on: October 14, 2019, 11:28:19 am »
Had one that spooked me last night! As is usual with me, the narrative is very disjointed.  Started with a woman revealing the image of another naked (dead?) woman on the floor of a room. Someone was at the door, and she wiped away the image. Jump cut to an old-style train compartment (like the Southern slam door ones), and I'm sitting next to the first woman, and I'm holding a cushion - beige corduroy as it happens. She asks me "is it all gone" and I shake the pillow, which emits a discordant string noise (there's something about  being a musician in there somewhere) . I answer "mostly" and turn to her. Her eyes are wide, one has a yellow pupil, the other eye looks like a pencil drawing. I look at the cushion, and it has the face of the other (dead) woman drawn in pencil, with one yellow eye.

At this point I wake, with that feeling of the hairs all over standing on end. Spooky!
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Re: Weird/funny dreams you've had
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I dreamed that I dreamed that Mrs E and I were staying somewhere we hadn't been before in mid Wales. However, I was convinced that we had been there before, and done all the same things andeaten the same meals. This was puzzling.  Then I realised that I had dreamed our earlier visit and woke feeling relieved to know what had "really" happened.

Then I really woke up...

Nested dreams?


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Re: Weird/funny dreams you've had
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Are you sure you've woken up?
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