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Ordered some stuff from them at the weekend.
First delivery attempt through DPD yesteday; decent enough but no one is in because I'm at work
Second delivery attempt today, same again because I'm at work, and no one is in because the parents are at the other address just now taking a holiday from me.

Options for arranging another attempt other than to the same address for a 3rd day.
None because despite DPD allowing secure location, neighbours and even shops as pickup locations one of which isn't far from work and totally suitable; PlanetX are insisting I'm in the house.

That's nae fecking use.
The easy way won't work either, I'll be tested and back to work before Steve's (our rather good driver) got in his van at midday.

I'd go into my account on their website and e-mail them a grumble based around me not knowing this and it not being made clear that the alternative delivery options wouldn't be available but I can't get in because of bloody recapatcha (and not being able to remember my password).