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A buzzard over slough this morning    :)
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A black swan on Sunday. Ok, it was in someone's rather large garden pond, along with various other duck-type fowl I couldn't identify.
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Re: Seen today
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Shropshire, Sunday: an excellent view of a sparrow hawk as it sped low along the lane in front of us (we were in a car), every so often alighting on top of the hedge and waiting for us to almost catch up before setting off again; and a pair of peregrines as we were leaving the upper car park as we walked up Carding Mill Valley.

Oh, and on Friday, just after we left Condover at about 10pm to make for our B & B along a narrow, muddy, hedge-lined lane, I said to my sister, who was driving, "Take care of the badgers." Within 30 seconds one was running along in front of us, so we followed at a respectful distance.
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Re: Seen today
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Two buzzards circling while I was on a phone call, seem to be a resident pair
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