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The RANT thread... (part 3)
« on: January 13, 2009, 07:45:45 pm »
Dear City Council

I'm writing to apply for the newly created position of 'Worklessness Development Officer' as advertised in your most recent newsletter, at a salary of £37,000. I have extensive experience of Worklessness and a longstanding interest in developing it. My specialism is in creating tortuously convoluted terminology, and in my previous role as Worthlessness Enhancement Executive I was responsible for the rewriting of all published materials to accurately reflect the full banality of the Council's policies in the Worthlessness and Pointlessness department, ensuring a policy of sustainable inclusivelessness, creating customer excellence value interface reports and end-user incorporationality surveys. I graduated with a Modern British Diploma in Self-Abuse (with distinction) from the University of Howls and Smells, and also gained an NVQ in Supply Chain streamlining within the Narcotics sector, which I feel makes me ideally qualified for the role.   

Yours faithfully, etc