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Bit of a race this morning
« on: January 15, 2009, 02:26:37 pm »
I left home a little late

When I got to the top of the road on the blackdowns, a roadie dressed all in black, with a black beanie went past with a quick "hi".  At first I thought he was on a fixed but it seemed on closer observation to be a single speed.

I was so surprised that I didn't immediately get on his wheel

However I did pick up the pace to keep him just a few bike lengths ahead.  Unfortunately he was slowly pulling away.  So I had to engage full speed.  He was dawdling as I caught him on a downhill.   I went past asking him to pick up the speed.  But then he turned off the road!

Some people eh?  Still it upped my pace a lot and I got into work on time :)
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