Author Topic: unexpected hazard to sidewalls  (Read 625 times)

unexpected hazard to sidewalls
« on: January 22, 2009, 12:27:57 pm »
I went to get on my bike this morn, and spotted a suspicious clean line on the sidewall.

"uh, oh, brake blocks out of alignment, they're rubbing the sidewall."

Looked more closely.

Brake blocks are fine. The only possible culprit was the mud built up on top of the brake blocks. This included 2-4mm lumps of grit, and I suspect one of these had done the deed.

I cleaned the bike completely last weekend :-|, so the mud had built up in less than 100miles of riding.  :-|

Seems I'll need new tyres a bit earlier than expected. Pasela sidewalls won't stand up to much of this treatment.
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