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Dean Doddle 3rd May
« on: April 16, 2008, 03:09:33 pm »
The Dean Doddle which is organised by the 'Royal Dean Forest Cycling Club', claims in the handbook to be one of the most challeging 50k rides in the calendar. If last years ride is anything to go by, it possibly is !

The ride started at The Fountain Inn, Parkend. Four cyclists started  2 solos and 1 tandem  -
(30 minutes after the riders who were taking part in the 100km Lumpy Scrumpy.)
On climbing through Bream the rain had become heavy, then onto St. Bravails past the impressive castle, which is now used as a Youth Hostel.
The descent to Mork was exhilirating on the now very wet roads. Onto Symonds Yat where the controller was taking shelter under a large umbrella. The cafe was open and a sandwich and coffee was enjoyed, before continuing through the flooded roads  to Goodrich and Bishopswood.
The steepest hill was now ahead, and the route sheet recommended to walk for the best views, which were sadly obscured by the rain and mist. Stopped at Mitcheldean to fill in my now sodden Brevet card.
By the time I reached Littledean the rain was torrential, so I stopped at the first pub and ordered a coffee, the landlord also handed me a towel to dry off ! After 15 minutes warming up I carried on and passed through Soudley, Blackpool Bridge before returning to the Fountain Inn, where the organiser very kindly bought me a pint of Brains Rev. James  :thumbsup:
An excellent ride, regardless of the rain ( I have entered to ride again this year - hopefully in better weather )
Have also in the past ridden the Lumpy Scrumpy 100km  which is an equally challenging ride rewarded with excellent views.