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Postie cat
« on: January 29, 2009, 06:17:00 pm »
BBC NEWS | England | Somerset | Cat helps deliver town's letters

A cat is making a name for himself by helping the postman on his rounds in a Somerset town.

Charlie has been travelling with Nick Lock on his rounds in Woolavington for several weeks since he jumped into his postbag to escape the rain.

and he's a cute fellow too :)

(Charlie, that is)

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Aww, how sweet!
Spinning, but not cycling...

Re: Postie cat
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I can't see Talisker doing that!

...although I did wonder about trying him out on the bike after the Yehuda Moon from a couple of days ago.

That would require me to fit a basket to the front of a bike, or possibly I could pop him in the bag on the front of my Brompton!
Actually, it is rocket science.


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When I've taken ours in to the vets' for something that has involved a stay of a few hours - ie leaving them there - I usually get a lift into Monmouth with Mrs MV on her way to work, leave the cat at the vets' and then cycle home on the Brommie.

The vets now believe that the cats travel on the back of my bike :)