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If I don't understand something, I look it up - usually with Google. It's not exactly taxing.

It may be the case, with sufficient help from other sources, some of which may be internet based while others may originate from other de facto repositories of knowledge, that the intention of a poster's written communication may be elucidated, notwithstanding any barriers to clarity that may have, with full intention of the originator of the thought or through inadvertent assumption of a common ontological frame of reference, been placed in the path of cognitive plausibility, that meaning may indeed be construed from such a written communication, whether briefly expressed or otherwise, but it could be argued, as indeed many have previously, both on this forum and elsewhere in a variety of written and spoken media, that there are circumstances when it would not be hard to see when clarity of syntactical and semantic expression may aid ongoing dialogue apropos development of dialectical, or even polylectic construction of knowledge, to a greater extent, and with enhanced rapidity, than would otherwise have been the case should such recourse to considered articulation not been employed.