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Spin classes
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I have been spinning since 2000 thrice weekly and reckon I could turn pro. It is of course a competitive sport, the aim of whcih is to leave the class having not only beaten the other spinners but also established siuperiority over the instructor.
It is essential to wear proper cycling kit for any spinning class. This helps to establish ones credentials as a serious cyclist as opposed to an aerobics class attendee. STD shoes must be worn. This alone is often onough to win and little actual riding is needed.
Having established moral superiority - engage the instructor and drop in a few mentions of ones real life cycling - establish that his/her spinning class is merely one element in your overall training programme. Specifically mention either sprint training, intervals, or hill stamina work as your agenda.
This is important as you may well need to divert from the class instruction to follow your own training regime at some point. Most likely just before you start vomiting.
Heavy sweating is mandatory and unavoidable - a drip rate of 2/3 per second off the nose can be sustained and with good aim you can create a spectacular puddle or splashing effect off the bike. This wil also secure you extra room next time as lady gym spinners often recoil in disgust if splashed a bit.  Wiping is for wimps.
As mentioned - ostentatious knob turning is good - you will quickly notice the condition of 'spinners wrist' - an inability to turn the knob without a massive twisting action visible at any distance.
Instructors are a bit of a mixed bunch. The worst are shouty children who don't cycle and are afflicted by aerobic whooping. A glowering eyes closed zoneout is often required.
Music also varies. It is almost guaranteed that you will get 'Sandstorm' at some stage.
At the end of the session there will be ostentatious stretching of calfs and quads. As a serious cyclist you don't do this - either follow your own special routine or scorn the whole streching thing since your quads/calfs are anyway so developed that a mere hour oe so hardly counts as more than a warmup.