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Little Havens Duathlon 5th April Basildon
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From the Little Havens website

In association with Born2Tri, the Little Havens Duathlon is a 4k Run, 10k off road bike ride finishing with another 4k run

The course:-

Run - A one lap, flat, 4km loop, routed on the toe track around the south end of Gloucester Park. The same lap will be repeated after the cycle stage.

Cycle - A three lap course, totalling 10km of mainly grass around the north end of Gloucester Park.

The transition/start area will be situated to the rear of the swimming pool.

Conditions of Entry
This event will be held under the rules of the British Triathlon Association. Your bicycle must be in a mechanically safe condition. An approved cycle helmet must be worn on the cycle section. NO HELMET NO RACE.