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Population growth
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Lack of reproduction is a key indicator in stressed animals in captivity. It's sad that Humans have been too successful. For millennia they have lived in a variety of ecological niches, employing a number of strategies, our presence is a symptom of our tenacity.
Most of us in the UK are from a temperate agricultural background. It is ironic that the history of the last 200 years has torn us from a type of life that provided us with a multitude of ways of expressing our humanity, leaving empty villages and teeming cities
For most of human existence, children have been an unalloyed blessing, a source of joy, continuity and of labour. Now they are just a cost and a burden on the world; apparently.

Perhaps we have become 'battery people' and deserve to die out.

I don't think so; get out there, lift your head up and look around. Don't believe all you read in the papers, or see on the Television, it's still a wonderful world.

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