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Goodbye Rob
« on: February 24, 2009, 08:38:21 pm »
This poem was read out by a forum member at Rob Shields' funeral today. His family very much appreciated the thoughts and posts from the forum.

He was known to us as Bobajobrob.

We never met, never really talked,
I've no real idea of the life you walked.
And yet still, I feel a sadness deep,
That truly makes me want to weep.
You were one of 'us', and to me that counts,
Your presence here more than amounts,
To much more than just a forum friend,
And to those you loved I hope that lends,
A little comfort, and their hearts may mend.
But now you're in a better place,
Yet still within loved ones embrace,
And that the peace you seek, now is yours,
And you're forever cycling everlasting tours.
Of course, you'll be missed by much better than me,
But I hope those that loved you can clearly see,
That your presence here still amounts,
To the fact you were one of us,
And to me, that counts.

R.I.P. Rob.