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Funny coincidence
« on: March 30, 2009, 04:58:16 pm »
I went mountain biking on the weekend - on Sunday I rode a local loop, meeting up with the local MTB club from Aberyswyth on the trail itself (they'd ridden from one direction, me from the opposite). After a really good ride, I get back to my car (parked at the top of a mountain road), put my bike, helmet and gloves on the roof, get changed and then drive off... with my helmet still sitting on the top of the car. Which I realise just as soon as I get home. ::-)

Today, having given some friends a lift into the nearest town, I find a man hovering around my car:

"Excuse me, have you lost a helmet?"

Turns out he'd been out riding with a friend on Sunday, had seen my car parked up at the top of the pass when riding over in one direction, and noticed the bike rack on top. On the way back, he'd found the helmet and gloves, and put two and two together. He'd noticed my car before, and so knew I was local - the wife of the guy he was out riding with also has a red mini, in the same village as me, and also recognised my car, so even without the chance meeting today I would have got it back! 

How nice is that?! :D


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Re: Funny coincidence
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I knew there had to be thread here somewhere...

The cast: Heather, my daughter, lives in Melbourne. She is being visited by my son Graham, who flew out there a day or so ago. Alistair Hung is a chap who used to represent Essex at chess when they did as juniors some 20 years ago. He grew up in Basildon. The odd date & stuff is because I've just lifted it from Whatsapp.

Heather: "I just got a text from Alistair Hung who is in Melbourne for a bit"
[22:56, 23/12/2019] Peter Walker: "I saw him a couple of years ago - he lives in NZ"
[22:56, 23/12/2019] Peter Walker: 'Asked if I wanted to catch up while I’m here"
[22:56, 23/12/2019] Peter Walker: "I said yes lovely graham is also here let’s get a drink"
[22:57, 23/12/2019] Peter Walker: "Text graham to let him know"
[22:57, 23/12/2019] Peter Walker: "G: funny you should mention it a guy stopped us on the street this morning to ask for directions"
[22:57, 23/12/2019] Peter Walker: "I thought “that could be Alastair Hung” then immediately dismissed the thought cos it’s clearly highly improbable"
[22:57, 23/12/2019] Peter Walker: "I asked Alistair, did you stop a couple on the way to a yoga class this morning to ask for directions"
[22:57, 23/12/2019] Peter Walker: "In the Collingwood area?"
[22:58, 23/12/2019] Peter Walker: "And yes, he did"

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