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Team Time Trial, Montpellier, 7th July
« on: June 23, 2009, 11:49:03 am »
Seeing as how we'll be in the south of France we thought we would drop in on a stage.

Recommendations are that team time trials make for better roadside spectation than most stages, so Montpellier it became.

The stage is here

Any useful tips for getting the best out of it?

Anyone else going to be there?

Re: Team Time Trial, Montpellier, 7th July
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Montpellier is a brilliant city. If you are looking for somewhere to stay I can highly recommend The New Hotel du Midi. Fading splendor and quite cheap. It's right on the main square, you can't get a better location. The only downside is that there is no parking. OK if arriving by cycle though as there are stands just opposite. Never bothered eating there either as it's surrounded by cafes for breakfast and there are loads of nice restaurants.
I think you'll find it's a bit more complicated than that.


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We'll use the campsite (see other threads re booking French campsites) just the other side of the autoroute, which is very handy for nipping up to the town. We'll have a car with us as well as multiple bikes.

Favourite shop there has to be the toy/juggling shop, and you have to keep an eye out to see how many aliens you can spot.

Oh and Montpellier - this time it's personal - the tramlines caught the front wheel of the tandem last time we were there, cue two riders bouncing along cobbles until we came to rest upon the feet a bouncer outside a club (it was about midnight, but we were sober).

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Never been to Montpellier myself, but I did catch the TT stage in 2003, the one where Ulrich put a few minutes into Armstrong on a blisteringly hot day. It worked best for me getting a good spot, not far from the start, where I had a reasonable chance of getting some photos before everyone reached their race pace. Also somewhere near to a cafe with a TV, so once the last team has passed, you can sit back with a nice beer, enjoy the atmosphere and watch the result.

Methinks that any team putting time into Astana will be warmly received by the French on the day  ;)

Hope you enjoy it.


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Go to Nimes nearby which is an utterly lovely city!