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Re: The company on DIYs and perms thread
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Silly question (that I should have asked before going out for the ride), but does a DIY 200 count towards your points and for a Brevet 1000 award?

My first DIY ever does now show up in the table on my results page, but is not included in the total points and "rides listed"; it does show "16 (1 are perms)" but it is still "3x200" as it was last week.

Yes, your 200 will count but it may just be a bit of a system bug or lag, my final ride of the season, the Border Castles 200 is on the results list but the 2 points have not been added to the total.  There is usually a lag between the ride being logged and I think the points go on after midnight but it's been like this for a couple of days, I might raise it on the AUK forum if it doesn't correct itself.