Author Topic: Tacx i-magic turbo - experiences and opinions?  (Read 486 times)

Tacx i-magic turbo - experiences and opinions?
« on: August 05, 2009, 12:57:31 pm »
I have an old "high end" tacx turbo (can't remember the model) that has a fairly complex head unit, and allows one to set various traing regimes - fixed power,HR range etc., and that adjusts the magnetic resistance at the flywheel automatically. But at 10 yrs old it's beginning to loose parts of the display, and I suspect is not much longer for this world.

The modern equivalent seems to be the i-magic, (unless someone knows different) abd although I really don't really hanker after the computer / dvd interface etc., it seems that to get the same sort of unctionality as I've had I may need to.

So, has anyone had direct experience of the i-magic? Thoughts and opinions?
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