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Sick cat.
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If they were Stealth Otters, they failed their training.

They left 2 large turds on the floor.

Nope, they excelled. See below transcript.

Commander Otter: "Well lads, debrief me."

Sgt Otterson: "Insertion - perfect approach, and successful boarding."

Cpl Otterable: "We suspected their guard cat had spotted us, but there were no obvious signs of detection."

Sgt Otterson: "We each laid our mines, and bugged out in good time."

Commander Otter: "Excellent. Excellent. But what about shitting on their mat?"

Sgt Otterson: "Er... That's what I meant by 'mines', Sir"

Commander Otterson: "Aha, erm, of course Sergeant. Very good job. Well done chaps... Good ones, were they?"

Sgt Otterson: "Yessir, proper steamers."