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Goose egg
« on: May 07, 2008, 11:31:39 am »
I got a mahoosive goose egg from a farm on the way back from has only recently been laid, because there were none left on my way there, so the nice farmer put one aside for me to collect on my way back two days later. They looked like happy geese waddling around in the sunshine which is good.

What's the best way to do it justice - boiled, scrambled, fried...?


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Scrambled, they turn rubbery when fried or boiled. Omlettes are good as well, but you would need more than one egg.

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Thanks for that, I would have been most put out if I'd ruined it. Scrambled it is then.

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NO! Pickle it  :P
Those wonderful norks are never far from my thoughts, oh yeah!

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I was just waiting for someone to tell me that!

I do like pickled eggs, much to the horror of most people I know, but you don't see them much in London.


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Re: Goose egg
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Put it under a broody hen, if it has not been shaken about too much !

Christmas lunch solved, & some grease for your chest in winter ;-) or for your saddle....
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