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Re: Faccombe Haul - 100km - April 12
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I've just had some correspondence with John, and it turns out I was wrong - the route was challenged by the AUK heirarchy and it seems unlikely that it would be permitted now - it was very tight on both distance and climbing, which with the "convoluted route" .  A shame, as I agree it was a lovely (and challenging) route.

So if it is revived it would have to be just as a social event.

or "GPS only"  ;)

Re: Faccombe Haul - 100km - April 12
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Rode this on Saturday, just as a solo ride (no Brevet card).  I forgot how nice it is.

It's a shame that the figure-8 nature of the ride seems to have fallen foul of the Audaxing verification rules because it makes for a relatively traffic-free training ride up some very scenic hills and down some barnstorming descents.

Lots of lovely views in a very small area but it still manges to take you into 3 counties.

Highly recommended as a 100km ride even if it's not an official Audax route any more.

I must be getting fitter because some of the hills seem to have shrunk.
Hi Lee,

Would you have a gps file of the Faccombe Haul?


Re: Faccombe Haul - 100km - April 12
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I did this with Mrs B several years ago, in the autumn. I remember her incredulity when she realised we had to go up the same hill twice.

Still a nice ride, though. I wouldn't mind doing a modified version, without the loop.
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