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Tandems and trains, once more
« on: October 01, 2009, 11:27:15 am »
I think there may be a perception problem about the feasability of tandems on trains - out with friends* last night (another one of us is now officially old) they seemed confused by our transport logistics and that is had involved a train whilst wielding a tandem.

Possibly more so as the train in question doesn't have cycle facilities of any description.

So once again, First Great Western get classed as blasé as us about taking a tandem on trains - just pitch up and don't understand why anyone would fuss about it. Yet the small sample of public were rather taken aback.

*For the record we weren't the only ones who arrived with bike, though to him it was just have a short ride from home.


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Re: Tandems and trains, once more
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We sometimes cunningly disguise the tandem by only having one person walking near it.  It is amazing that we haven't been challenged.  'Two wheels + one person = bike'.  The number of saddles seems irrelevant.

But I wouldn't like to be taking a chance coming back from farflung parts of a sunday evening with a touring load... :-\
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Re: Tandems and trains, once more
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The one time (in both directions) I rolled up with tandem + stoker to go on a train (Ipswich - Diss) there was no problem either.  Admittedly it wasn't busy.  The guard even helped me for at least one load/unload occasion.

I commented it wouldn't be fair to have small guy do 10 miles along the busy-ish A1066, just in case he needed an excuse. 

I'm glad I took the normal bike (equipped for kiddy-carrying) on the train to Kennet though as the single carriage back was a bit full and already had 2 bikes on board.  3rd bike no problem but getting the tandem round all those corners may have been harder.
(youths on the to: journey were impressed by the addition of bmx pegs for passenger's feet  8-| )

no eyelids were batted in either case
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Re: Tandems and trains, once more
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I have managed Taunton - Bristo on FGWl with tandem + trailer + Mrs Panoramix + daughter... with two adult tickets!

Re: Tandems and trains, once more
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2012, 02:50:20 pm »
Used virgin trains (2 x bike reservations required) no problems.
Local trains (now Anglia, has been others) no problems.
Train to Skegness the driver put it behind his area and told us in case of emergency he will throw it off (there were no emergencies!)
London to Chester (2 x bike reservations but had to split bike - it has S+S couplings)
Never really had any problems as long as you try to avoid busy times and be polite.