Author Topic: Falcon steel MTB frame and forks - free or donations to BST  (Read 1340 times)


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Falcon steel MTB frame and forks - free or donations to BST
« on: November 12, 2009, 02:20:29 pm »
Left over from Julian's bring and buy to raise money for TRAT.

Bit ratty, but basically okay.  Size smallish, Reynolds plain gauge tubing.  Horizontal dropouts.  Collection only from Ealing.


I'll rewrite that for you.

Compact old-skool steel LUGGED fixie/messenger style frame.  Ideal for the purity of fixed gear or the go-anywhere low maintenance of a singlespeed.  Traditional threaded headset to take a polished Nitto NJS stem.  No bars supplied, but ideal with sawn-off 10" straight bars for carving through the traffic.  Will take Froggleg or Paul's CNC machined cantilever brakes.

As well as being disguised with an anonymous low-end brand name to discourage theft, this frame is authentically pre-scuffed so it won't look out of place parked among real courier bikes outside a Soho coffee shop.  It has also been stroked by Sam Valiant*, the Prince of Poontang himself, so it has sex appeal right off the scale.  Even Johnny Depp would be totally eclipsed if he were riding this frame.

Bid now, and build yourself the most desirable fixie in town.

*can probably be arranged easily enough