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Not really right to call them kids anymore : -

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Getting there...


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Having served the apprenticeship of a balance bike (probably too long an apprenticeship to be honest) this is our grand daughter within minutes of trying pedals for the first time.

And a few minutes after that:

All this was immediately after I had collected her from school, so from about 3.30 onwards this afternoon. She was still out riding at about 5pm and I could see her about 100 yards ahead of me. I heard her shout something but couldn't pick up what, but there was a car had stopped and she was talking to the occupants, who just happened to be her mum and dad. They watched in utter amazement as she cycled 200 yards or so home without a problem. Smug granddad!
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Great to see how comfortably and quickly she's done this!
Maybe there's something to be said for waiting till they're really ready. ISTR threads passim about younger smalls unable/unwilling to ride on two wheels. Some are ready at half that age; some aren't...

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Coolio !!
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Brilliant :thumbsup:
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^ This woman knows what she's talking about.