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PBP11 threads index
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The PBP 2011 sub-board disappeared after the event, and the threads were subsumed into the main Audax board.  This post is an index to allow them to be found again.


Qualification & entry
PBP 2011 qualification & entry {This is a merged thread consisting of several on the same/similar subjects started at different times}

PBP - Earliest 600 BRM qualifier in 2011
Doing a SR in 2010 for PBP
Plan for PBP 2011 qualifying rides
PBP 2011 dates?
PBP - Last Chance 600 in the Netherlands, starting near the Hague
Continental DIY 1000 end of june (PBP Preparation)
PBP - Technical question about organising qualifying rides

Haute Route sportive; effect on PBP numbers ?
6000 riders for PBP?
PBP  - possible to ride perms as qualifiers ?
PBP qualifying brevet cards
PBP - Doing a 400 or 600 as the 300 qualifier?
To late to qualify for PBP?
PBP - Not qualifed? Don't panic!
Heard today on the @PBP2011 twitter feed {Number of participants}

PBP entrants list {contains links to official documents listing all entrants, and also breakdowns by country, oldest/youngest etc}

What is your PBP registration number?
PBP pre-registration - Questions
PBP - Information required for registration
PBP  Pre registration error
PBP National Allocations
PBP - Has the entry fee been announced yet ?
PBP - Deadline for converting preregistration to full registration?
PBP frame numbers

Who is doing which start
PBP 80-hour starters
PBP 84 hour start
PBP 84 hour free start
PBP 90 Hour group start

YACF Riders in PBP 2011

What's it like ?
So, how hard is PBP?
So, how boring is PBP ?
PBP compared to LEL?
PBP - how hilly is it?
The PBP Route
PBP - What happens after 600km.
PBP - State of roads
PBP on the TdF
PBP Weather Forecast

A budget for PBP 2011 {This thread contains useful info on campsites part-way round}
PBP 2011 {Pubcrawler mobile bar hire :)}
PBP 2011 - Coiffeurs
PBP what does the rest of the family do for a holiday?
PBP - Where exactly is the Start/Registration?
PBP- Bag Drop(s)
PBP - Medical certificate
Low-down on PBP from ACP official meeting
PBP - Staying in touch: mobile networks in France
PBP Support Vehicle - Your Thoughts...
PBP - car parking at start
PBP - Luggage
PBP - Where to leave a bag in Paris? {at the start}
PBP Bike check
PBP on drugs
Holiday Insurance for PBP
PBP - Route sheet
PBP - "The official route sheet will be sent with your frame number..."
PBP - Documentation for registration
PBP - Supermarkets near St Quentin/Trappes?
PBP- mappy hotel to start/finish
PBP - Parking for my VAN ?
PBP - Hanging around on Sunday
PBP Bag drop
PBP - lunch tickets: what colour is yours?!

Times, controls, schedules and stuff
PBP - New start times
PBP time allowances
PBP - Time Spent In Controls
PBP Sleeping en-route
PBP finishing time group - sub 90h vs sub 84h
PBP - Staggered Starts for Simpletons
PBP - preferred pace & group riding
PBP control times 84 hours
PBP - 90 Hour Control times
PBP - Control closing times - small anomalies?
PBP - Quedillac: sleep stop.
PBP - Will Carhaix be the new Loudeac??
PBP - Planning spreadsheet on RUSA wiki
PBP - Group Start vs. Free Start
PBP - Audax England photo/mass departure
PBP - The two people riding together control strategy thread

Equipment & Technical
PBP - Reflective vests?
PBP _ Lighting
PBP Handlebars.
PBP - valve caps
Gadgets for PBP
PBP steel tourer or carbon trek ?
Camelbak vs bottles on audaxes/ pbp
Recumbents on the PBP
PBP - Fixed Gearing
PBP - What do you ride?
PBP - Pumps and Deflated Tyres Over 200km ?
PBP: lotions and potions
PBP - Gloves for extreme distances
Tandem on PBP?
PBP Kit list
PBP Upgrade Kit List
Rapha PBP jersey
AUK PBP jersey
PBP - Audax Cymru riders take note
PBP - Official Jersey
PBP - Official PBP jersey swap anyone?
PBP tracking chip - extended wear comfort?
PBP: Recommendations - not obligations (couchés)
PBP - Shimano A520 or A530
Cameras for PBP
PBP - silly fixed gear question. (and others if you want).

Tips for riding & surviving
PBP: A la Gauche, or A la Droite.
PBP - How much do you carry on the road?
Useful words and phrases for PBP
PBP: Parle en français, mal
Giving up caffeine for PBP
Dihydrogen monoxide on PBP
What to eat in the run up to PBP qualifiers
really useful analysis on pbp
Silly PBP Mistakes
What NOT to do at PBP ?
PBP - How to whizz through the controls
Can I get anything wheat-free to eat at PBP controls??
PBP - Should I worry about the first 140km stage?
PBP - How much food should I carry ?

Getting there/back
PBP Finish to Isle Of Wight
PBP on the cheap
PBP - Travel & accommodation (merged thread)
PBP - Which Ferry from Portsmouth - Caen (or Le Havre) ?
PBP- I've decided how I'm doing it.
PBP travel from Scotland
PBP - Milton Keynes to Paris. Then back again.
PBP - Anyone Want to Share Transport ?
PBP - Rail tickets, Ferrys..bah
PBP - Riding to Paris, Friday and Saturday
The PBP Dieppe-Paris Route Thread
Anyone else going to PBP via Le Havre?
Gare du Nord -> PBP
PBP - The Baxter Bunch
PBP - Cycle route from SQY to CDG airport?

PBP - Accommodation ?
PBP - if anyone wants a luxurious training camp location for a practice run...
PBP - St Q campsite closed ?
PBP campsite ?????

Information sources
PBP 2011 GPS Files
PBP - New compressed GPX tracks
PBP Route mapped
PBP website live...
PBP short brochure (plaquette) online... {Lots of info about relative merits of different start times and the differences between PBP2011 and previous versions}
PBP - Full brochure link
PBP Streetviews.
Jean-Gualbert Faburel (Head of PBP Organisation) Interviews,
PBP - Interview with Jennifer Wise in Paris
Informative pdf re PBP
PBP YACFers on Twitter
PBP - Tweets: can anyone read Japanese?

Planning meetings, meet-ups & regional stuff
PBP planning meeting - 4th December, Denmead.
Calling folk in the Newcastle upon Tyne area planning to do PBP
PBP Planning Meeting, West Midlands
PBP - The Bristol thread
Preparing for PBP  -  Halifax
Who from Sth Wales is aiming for PBP 2011 ?
PBP / Audax Social Drink South West London
PBP - Social Drink SW London 3rd Meeting Date
PBP - Audax England photo/mass departure
PBP  - Saturday evening beer RV?
PBP - huttopia campers - the riding to start thread

Fast LEJoG in a PBP year?
10 hours per week to train for PBP- how should I invest my time ?
100 days until PBP
Build up to PBP
So, you've qualified for PBP...
PBP Audax & PBP Rando.
Continental DIY 1000 end of june (PBP Preparation)
Pre PBP warm up
PBP: Semaine Federale- last gasp training or overload?
Tapering for PBP
The least training for PBP

PBP - Any Questions?
PBP (and other 1,000 km+ rides) injuries Poll.
Do we want a YACF stand for PBP?
Rapha for PBP
Any Clarion Members Doing PBP
PBP publicity in local newspapers
PBP - Adrian Hands
PBP Playlist
PBP places to visit in Paris video.
Your reasons for doing PBP
PBP refusniks; thoughts?
PBP - l'Arc de Triomphe
PBP publicity in local newspapers
No PBP for me this year...
PBP - Who will you thank for the successes on your attempt to qualify?
Stuff that clashes with PBP
What PBP will get you out of
PBP - Shermer's neck images.
PBP makes you younger!
2007 PBP jersey up for grabs
Critical Mass after PBP
PBP pre-event ride
PBP - The best dessert of 2011...
PBP last minute panic / paranoia
PBP - A VIP at the finish
PBP - Good luck
PBP Roll Call - who's not here?

Pictures & video
PBP 2007 Photos. {PBP2011 thread}
pictures of PBP 2007
Union Audax Francais PBP 2011 Video.
PBP TV Video
short clip of PBP in 1948
Video of PBP route
PBP Shirt Pictures.
Image of PBP route
PBP Webcam

During & after

As it happened/how it was
PBP - and they're off
Random questions/curiosities from PBP
Random PBP anecdotes
Crazy hallucinations on PBP
PBP - Your ride-sleep-misc ratio
PBP - Who won?
Mysterious Data on PBP Website
PBP - Bad News via Twitter
PBP - VC167 on a tandem ?
Things I learnt on this PBP
PBP - Make any new friends?
PBP - My 3 Favourite Things
PBP - What was your favourite roadside support thing ?
PBP - Does anyone know Will?
PBP - Crêpes, Café, and the postcard people
PBP Shirt Messages
What music was stuck in your head during PBP??
I rode PBP unsupported, and it was fine
PBP - It's "Mortagne"-au-Perche, actually
PBP finishers
PBP - Interesting performances.
PBP provisional results
PBP - I don't remember it like others seem to
PBP - Was I hallucinating when...
PBP - Zara the Dog
PBP - An AUK yelled at an Aussie
PBP official results are posted

Ride reports
PBP - Back in Paris (ride reports)
The other side of PBP - a story of failure
PBP Blogs and write ups elsewhere
Paris-Brest-Paris 2011 (Ride report)
PBP ride report link

Controls & route
PBP - Brest control

PBP - what did you break?
PBP souvenirs
PBP - Should drill my ACP SR medal so I can use it as a keyring?
PBP - Things you lugged around northern France for 1230 km and never actually used
PBP - what are you REALLY glad you had in your saddlebag?
PBP - what did you leave out of your saddle bag?
Mistakes you made at PBP
PBP - sub 70h GPS trace?
PBP - What DID you ride?
PBP - Lost and Found
GPS for PBP ?
PBP Official Reflective Hi-Viz & Sizing   
Seattle Rando PBP jerseys {Post-ride availability}

Travel etc
Sports Tours (Baxters) PBP 2011 - Customer Survey
Support package for PBP 2015 - thoughts

The aftermath
PBP in the press
What next after PBP ?
PBP - SW London Post ride social drinks meeting
Suggestions for post PBP pick me ups?
PBP - eating horses
PBP  - Will you be back ?
PBP - Nagging questions
how long to leave your PBP frame number attached to the bike?
Been out on the bike since PBP?
PBP - What bits of you are still not back to normal ?
PBP says I have no stamp for the secret control...
PBP points are now up on the AUK website
Credit card details nicked ?

2011 Pictures & video
PBP - French TV Clip: who dat with LEL jersey ?
PBP 2011 photos
PBP 2011 video
PBP AUK Photo Point - where?
PBP - Who is this ?
PBP - Jersey swap fotos
PBP - YouTube Videos
PBP AUK member photos
Towards The Ocean - PBP 2011
PBP - Identification wanted. Contains photos.
Photos of PBP Controls
Getting the PBP photos from Maindru

PBP 2015
PBP2015 - Are you doing it ?
Support package for PBP 2015 - thoughts

PBP 2019   
PBP 2019 - Are you doing it?