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Ideas please - for a cheap night in London
« on: February 15, 2010, 07:22:14 pm »
Update (banal, sorry) - and thanks to all who gave me some ideas above.

In the end we just wandered around and had a great time. We walked from Euston to Southwark (via Westminster Bridge, oops) and enjoyed the crowds. We stopped for something fab to eat in a Japanese Canteen(?) and browsed the shops too.

After dropping the bag in the Travelodge, we just went to a pub on Blackfriars Road - The Rock, or maybe the Ring? and sat in a corner, holding hands and deciding that we should do this more often. The pub had an open fire... well a film of an open fire on a big TV. We giggled like country bumpkins.

After a good night (nudge nudge) we had breakfast in bed: croissants from the convenience store downstairs and instant coffee - more giggling.  :thumbsup: Andy Murray wasn't doing much on the TV so we spent a few hours at the Imperial War Museum. Mrs G did the whole Holocaust exhibition with only one break outside to compose herself. I managed about five minutes before withdrawing - unable to cope. I kicked some tank tracks in a useless attempt to make myself feel better.

Then we spent a couple of hours zig-zagging our way back to Euston (gawping at the architecture) for the three o'clock train. I must try to find out why there's a statue of Mary Queen of Scots on a building in Fleet Street. The trains were slick - 75 minutes to and from Stafford; those Pendolinos go like shit off a shovel.

Thanks London.  :thumbsup:
What a great city. We had a great time, and would have spent less than £100 all up if we'd stuck to the beer instead of nightcap malts in the pub.  ;D