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Philip Benstead

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Valedictorian Speech

Philip Benstead the outgoing Councillor for the South East region:
Philip Benstead - au revoir pour le moment

My fellow Cyclists’ Touring Club Members and friends. Over the last three years of this term as Councillor for the southeast England region.   I have tried to contribute to the wellbeing of the Club.  My aim was to promotes the use of the cycle for pleasure /touring and utility /transport.  It is my firm belief that the CTC should in its current guise can still be an Independent, democratic membership lead Membership Charity, but some see our future differently.  Moving toward “quangoization”.

There appears to be a move away from our core activities and to be involved in community cycling projects.

These projects appear not to contribute towards any of the following:
•   To increase our membership.
•   To provide goods or services to members.
•   To increase our profiles on the national stage.
•   To enhance cycling safety.
•   To earn income beyond restrictive income and cost recovery.

I am all in favour of increasing bums on saddles, but I am still looking for evidence that these project are working and are sustainable without public money.  I see no evidence that a local management structure and information support systems are established to make the projects sustainable.

Our prime aim should be make our existing activities more attractive and to promote them via social media. That is not to say we should not be innovative.    I have tried to encourage with little success the CTC to support and develop a communications network that would assist with the promotion of the activities of our local group and campaign network by making intra communication easier.

I tried to put in place policies that encourages membership involvement in policy making at national level.  Unfortunately, there appear to be reluctant by some to give consideration to this view.

I hope the new Councillors, some who have joined in 2015 unfamiliarity with the CTC is not too much of hindrance, but I do hope members will contact them directly if you have any concern.

Many thanks for all have vote for me in this and other elections.

I will be back

Philip Benstead
Philip Benstead B.Env.Sc. (Hons.), NSI

Independent Cycle Campaigner and Cycle Consultant
DfT accredited BikeAbility Instructor / L3 Mechanic

Re: Valedictorian Speech - Philip Benstead the outgoing Councillor for the SE
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Just seen the story on bike biz
I think I understand now what was meant about moving away from core activities. I appreciate the work you've done Phil but I have to admit I think the new image and direction is going to be a success.