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The end of the affair?
« on: April 30, 2010, 07:02:20 pm »
The trouble with a mag like C+ is that after a few months of buying it, everything just gets recycled.

Other irritants are "Best bike for a grand!" I'll get the bits and build one myself, ta. I don't need you to tell me what piece of shit I should buy.

"Health and fitness special!!" I don't give a fuck about health and fitness. I can still ride a bike and have survived most of my life on a diet of cigarettes and boozyhol. Fuck off with your weird, freak food.

As for Cycle! With the exception of some of the touring write ups, only cunts write for you! And that includes the letter writers. I mean, Chris - what is your obsession with toe overlap? All my bikes have it. Even my tourer. And wait - this will probably send you to your overdue grave - my fixie does too!! And it's never, never, never been a problem. It doesn't fucking matter!!

As for you, Mike - no I don't want to ride a recumbent! If I wanted to look like a complete twat, I'd walk down the High Street in a monkey outfit. I'll just ride a normal bicycle, thank you.

Letters page? Do they have some rule that you have to be at least 700 years old to get your letter published? And does it have to be the most pointless letter ever? Like the bloke who wrote in complaining about an article on flat bar bikes? Yes mate, I prefer drops too, but I didn't feel the need to put pen to paper about it. Especially as the article was aimed at the large number of people who prefer flat bars. Twat. Cycle - even bigger twats for printing it.