Author Topic: Cut the armed services. All of them.  (Read 1360 times)


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Cut the armed services. All of them.
« on: June 10, 2010, 03:55:58 pm »
The armed forces are one of the things that Britain does pretty well, so instead of dismantling one of our competencies we should be finding a way to make money from them - what the Americans call "monetizing your assets".

I like this idea.

Scene: a SEEKRIT bunker beneath Whitehall.

(Phone rings.  It is picked up by General Sir Lord Raddled-Posho of the Household Cavalry.)

GSLR-P: Hellew?
Bloke Who Sounds A Bit FOREIGN:  Hello?  I like please to hire some England army?
GSLR-P: Yes, one can do that for Sir.  Which units does Sir have in mind?
BWSABF: I like hire SAS, Royal Marine and second batting lion Parachutey.  Also six big helichopter.
GSLR-P: Certainly, Sir.  That would cost Sir roughly one Getty per calendar month, ammunition extra.  Ten per cent discount should Sir wish to hire those units for more than six months.
BWSABF: Iz good.  You deliver?
GSLR-P: Yes, one can deliver.  Could one take Sir's name and address?
BWSABF: Iz Mister Bin Laden.  Third cave on right, Waziristan.
GSLR-P: is that near Cardiff?

Hmm.  Maybe this requires a little more thought ;)