Author Topic: So what is it with engineers and scientists and fixed gear bikes?  (Read 1837 times)


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I'm going to also suggest a correlation between fixed and the OS wars :)

The hard core old-skool fixed riders are people who value reliability and DIY-ability over shiny new gear and are happy to accept the drawbacks as a trade-off for the advantages.  These people would have ridden fixed anyway, with 40 year old Airlite hubs and old 531 touring frames.  They're often physicists, engineers, Computer Science geeks and they use Linux.  Even Ubuntu is a bit mainstream.

Then there's those who do it because they don't want to be sheep, want to try something a bit different, something reliable and elegant but also don't want the hard-core disadvantages of 40-year old hubs and command-line arm-wrestling.   Probably they'll buy a Langster or a Pomp and they'll use it on club runs and audaxs and for sheer joy of riding fixed.  Professional people from a range of backgrounds who don't care so much about the details of the OS/hub/whatever but want a pleasing and stable computing/riding experience.  They'd be Mac users :) Good on 'em.

Then there's the Rapha-wearers who buy a Langster and a messenger bag and sit round all day "being a fixer".  Windows...


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